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Security Guard Services

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8 hour annual security course – Norelia Professional Security Training provides strategy and implementation to assure and optimize the safety of your business operations. We approach security in a comprehensive manner. And that begins with our complete training program.  Since our founding in 2015, we have successfully trained more than 10,000 men and women. Our graduates provide professional security for thousands of businesses and individuals. . 

 Our Watch Guard & Patrol Services

Norelia Professional Security Training’s complete industry coverage for your requirements includes:

–Complete Security Evaluation – Whether you need security enhancements or have no current security infrastructure, our evaluation is designed to confirm your actual vulnerabilities and uncover possible areas of vulnerability.

 —Security Guards – Firm but Fair: Our employees are trained to respect your business environment’s customers, clients, guests, and/or property while utilizing their complete professionalism to enforce the highest standards of security for everyone.

 —Vehicular Patrol – From transportation hubs to college campuses and from special events to port security, we specially train our officers in driving safety for the utmost in your company security.

–Lobby Security – If your environment requires, we place guards with specialized training in security console monitoring. All of our guards have been instructed in monitoring of pedestrians, visitors, service delivery, and evacuation policies.

— Integrated Electronic Surveillance – Our state-of-the-art technology capabilities and installations include “eye in the sky” cameras, CCTV monitoring, easily accessible recording retrieval, and redundant backup.

Licensed By New York Department Of State  

✓  Fully Bonded & Insured 

We are dedicated to exceeding expectations for our clients’ security requirements. Our priority is you — your personal safety and your company’s security — by employing state-of-the-art video monitoring, comprehensive cyber security for your IT environment, and expertly-trained professional security guards.  Fully bonded and insured, our combination of superior training and top-quality client services positions us as your headquarters for all security needs in the Tri-State area. 

 We built Norelia Professional Security Training from the ground up. Established in 2015 in the middle of an economic recession, and located in one of the toughest sections of New York State, we believe that security is also community development: whether in an office environment, an airport terminal, a hospital, or a residential building, strong security provides for a better quality of life for everyone involved. 

 8 hour annual security course Available

Our Line Of Security Services

–Security Guard Training
–Patrol Agency Services
8 hour annual security course

—  On Tuesdays & Thurdays classes availble  from 5pm to 1 am

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Industry Segments that We Serve

Corporate Protection

New York City holds some 450 million square feet of office space, with 10 million additional square feet planned by 2018. That means an increase in tenants and visitors in buildings, and with this comes an increasing need for company protection. From ground-level, single-business occupancy to corporate headquarters filled with hundreds of employees, Norelia Professional Security Training manages all aspects of your safety so that you can take care of your business.

Government Agencies

The New York Metropolitan area is home to hundreds of government agencies that employ thousands of people. Each of these buildings, offices, and workers deserves a safe, secure infrastructure that is vital to help keep a government operating smoothly. Norelia Professional Security Training’s professional services include a complete security evaluation of your physical environment and needs, integrated electronic surveillance, alarm systems, lobby security, and licensed professionals who are expertly trained to watch, guard, and protect your agency

Protection of Public Spaces & Events

Crowd control is essential for safe and peaceful gatherings—and for the protection of everyone, including performers, crews, and the audience. Whether on an event-by-event basis or for more permanent venues, Norelia Professional Security Training will work closely with you to design an effective system to establish and maintain safe perimeters, entrances and exits, ticket lines, and backstage access.​

Residential Buildings

Everyone deserves a sense of safety and security in their homes. With a population of nearly 24 million people in the New York Metropolitan area, safety and security are of utmost concern to tenants, landlords, and visitors alike. Norelia Professional Security Training will deploy watch, guard, and patrol services on and around your residential environment—including highly-trained professionals, CCTV monitoring, alarm systems, and evacuation plans—in order to ensure a safe living environment

Retail Stores

New York is the retail sales capital of the world, and with that comes the reality of shoplifting, which costs retailers across the nation in excess of $14 billion each year. From single storefronts to malls to shops in luxury hotels, Norelia Professional Security Training’s loss-prevention strategies include uniformed and plainclothes security guards, visible and hidden CCTV systems, alarm systems, and exit inspections to help minimize theft and increase your return on investment.​

Construction Site Protection

Construction sites attract a particular set of security challenges for developers and crews. Star Security works with you to keep your workers and job sites safe while reducing the opportunity for break-ins, sabotage, and theft. Our deployment of expertly trained guards and video surveillance will help in optimizing your construction process, minimizing unnecessary physical and financial loss, and keeping you on schedule and on budget.​

Educational Institutions

From public schools to private colleges, New York City alone has an enrollment of nearly a million students in the public school system and some 135,000 people in teaching and administrative positions. In addition, 600,000 students attend 110 universities and colleges in the city. Norelia Professional Security Training will work with you to create and maintain a thorough plan of action so that each and every one of these students, administrators, teachers, and support staff interacts in a consistently safe and secure learning environment.​

Transit Protection

Hundreds of thousands of people depart from and arrive in the metropolitan area each day by rail, air, road, and ship. The challenges of simultaneously keeping these environments safe while ensuring a healthy flow of people and systems can be quite complex. And that’s where Norelia Professional Security Training comes in. Our deployment of highly effective watch, guard, and patrol services—including expertly trained guards and video surveillance systems—are designed to optimize your terminal, station, and port operations.